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продам : On sales Apple iphone 4S 64GB (32GB/ 16GB) And Blackberry Bold torch 9900 Apple ipad 2 64GB, цена 300 $

We look forward in placing your Order with Us and giving you the most competent services as we are Using this Medium to Look For Buyers Of Various Electronics Product we Stock.

Minimum Order : 1-10 units
Shipping Method : FedEx and UPS.
Delivery Time : 2-3days Delivery To Your Door Step.

Product are company class 1 tested and approved by global standard organization of wireless industries, Brand new merchandise with complete accessories, extra charger and battery.

Shipping fees : Free shipping for bulk purchase : FedEx, DHL or UPS
Delivery Time : 2 days maximum.

Email: sellingworksltd@asia.com
SKYPE : Sales.dept5

Status : Active

Offer buy 3 get 1 free


Apple ipad 3G -Wifi 64GB-$350USD
Apple ipad 3G-Wifi 32GB-$320USD
Apple ipad 3G-Wifi 16GB-$300USD
Apple iPad 2 64GB -$400USD
Apple iPad 2 32GB -$350USD
Apple iPad 2 16GB -$300USD
Apple iPad 3G 16GB $250USD
Apple iPad 3G 32GB -$300USD
Apple iPad 3G 64GB -$360USD

Apple iPhone:
Apple iphone 4S 64GB--$450USD
Apple iphone 4S 32GB--$420USD
Apple iphone 4S 16GB--$390USD
Apple iPhone 4G 32GB--$300 USD
Apple iPhone 4G 16GB--$270 USD
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB-$230 USD
Apple iPhone 3G 32GB --$200 USD
Apple iPhone 3G 16GB---$180 USD


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1$400
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G$410
Samsung Galaxy Tab...$380
samsung i9100 galaxy S II...$350
Samsung 4G LTE:340
Samsung i997 Infuse 4G:325
Samsung Google Nexus S@310
P1000 Galaxy Tab...$450
Samsung Galaxy S ....$300
Samsung I8520 Beam.....$270
Samsung Vibrant --------------$250
Samsung W960 AMOLED 3D - $230
Samsung: S8500 Wave ---$200
Samsung M3710 Corby Beat--$190
Samsung I8000 Omnia II —— $180
Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO —— $190
Samsung B7300 Omnia LITE——$180
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD ——-$150
Samsung i900 Omnia 16GB — $140


Контактное лицо:  Eddie

Предприятие:  Selling Works Limited

Телефоны:  019928833    Skype:  Sales.dept5

E-mail:  написать письмо

12.09.2012     Беларусь, Витебская область, Глубокое

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